Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Welcome to the Seattle Health and Fitness Professionals Blog!

Welcome to the Seattle Health and Fitness Professionals blog! Our goal is to provide our readers with an invaluable resource of health and fitness advice, articles, videos and programs from some of the most qualified professionals in the industry. We hope that it will play an integral role in your quest to achieve your personal health and wellness goals, whatever they may be!

We believe that your personal definition of fitness should never be defined by social expectations. Whether your goals are simply moving through your day without pain, running a marathon, or living with a clinical aliment such as diabetes, your goals should only be defined by your own expectations.

As Health and Fitness professionals, we also believe it is our responsibility to devote ourselves to the improving the health and wellness of our wider community. Only by thinking more globally, can we start to conquer the growing health problems that are ailing our nation. We will be regularly posting a variety of different articles, videos, and programs that cover a broad spectrum of health and fitness topics. From how to start a fitness program, to more advanced and specific training concepts.

Yours in Health,
Seattle Health and Fitness Professionals

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