Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Importance for Your Children to Learn How to Swim

There are many reasons why kids should learn how to swim while they’re still young. One of the most important reasons is their safety. When children know how to float or can swim to safety, you as a parent can be more at ease when your child is near water. Swimming also provides a fun way for children and the whole family to get some exercise.

Here are some beginner tips for your child’s first pool encounter:
• Let your child pick out a bathing suit. It will be less challenging if they want to put it on and willing to get it wet.
• Water temperature? It helps to give your child his/her first pool experience in warm water
• Provide a fun experience and rewarding experience in the pool. There are many toys and equipment available to use as well.
• Be patient with their child. If you become frustrated with your child, they may not want to go swimming again.
• Sign him up for swim lessons. For beginners, lessons can usually start out as way for the child to get more comfortable in the water.
As above, keep swimming fun and excited. The more fun they have, the more comfortable they will be in the water and soon enough they will be able to swim on their own.

Written by Donna Chan
Swim Instructor, Seattle Athletic Club Downtown

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