Friday, May 28, 2010

Do You Ever Wonder When to Use a Kick Board and When Not to?

If you are new to swimming or are ever curious why you see some people kicking with a board versus without, we can explain it. Kicking with a board serves a few purposes:
■ it helps isolate your quad for a better workout (if you are kicking properly)
■ it gives your upper body a rest, if you are a sinker while kicking it supports your upper body
■ It is a great opportunity to chat while working out

When you kick with a kickboard you want to be sure the board is not under the water, arms are extended and shoulder relaxed.

However, kicking without a board is the best way to get a good leg workout and continue to improve your swimming:
■ Kicking without a board recreates the same posture you will have while swimming
■ It requires that your core be engaged and that you continue to work on proper body positioning and muscle use
■ It helps to expose any unbalance you may have in the water
■ You can continue to get a anaerobic workout

When kicking without a board you can kick in either a streamline or arms at your side. Where your arms are will change the balance of your body. You also have the choice of kicking on your back or stomach for all four strokes. The arms carry the burden of the work when we swim, often we are unaware that our balance is off. If you can learn to kick properly while also being balanced, it will only help your swimming to improve.

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