Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Am I Too Old for Swimming Lessons?

The obvious answer is no! As we age, we tend to forget what the benefits of a “helpful eye” from a qualified teacher can be. Such as what muscles we have favored vs. which one’s we’ve neglected, changes in body type, and range of motion.

Over the last 10 years alone there have been major modifications in the evolution of the swimming stroke, as well as what is currently legal/ acceptable in competition. One look at 42-year-old Olympic medallist Dara Torres, and you can see how dry land drills, diet, training techniques, and improved stroke analysis can aid even the most seasoned vet.

Allow our WSI certified swimming instructor’s help you regain some of the past, improve for future competitions, or simply change your workout regimen with a non-impact high cardiovascular exercise routine.

By Dan Lavin, Aquatics Director - Seattle Athletic Club Northgate

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