Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Good Form = Great Results!

It seems in this great nation of ours, volume is the flavor of the week. More reps and more miles = better results right? This isn’t always the case. No matter your goals or activity quality of movement is paramount.

Volume without proper form can lead to overuse injuries. Every time you squat and every stride in your run that you do incorrectly slowly damages your joints and soft tissue. The idea of “no pain no game” isn’t always the wisest path to follow. You may burn some calories by limping through your long run and busting out 20 more squats but the price you pay down the road is hardly worth it.

Doing a quality sprint of 400 meters and doing 10 picture perfect squats is far more beneficial than doing 3 miles of inefficient and joint pounding jogging and 20 partial range and ugly squats.

Whatever your sport of choice is (eg: weight lifting, running, swimming, squash, etc) learn how to do it right. Efficient movement results in healthy tissue. Find a coach, trainer, or anyone with a deep understanding of your activity and let them guide you to healthy and lengthy future of fitness.

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