Monday, February 22, 2010

Plantar Fasciitis

Here are some easy tips to keep your plantar fasciitis under control.

Not just your calves get your hamstrings involved into the lengthening as well! If the fascia of the hamstrings is tight or bound it can pull the fascia of the entire calf up, creating stress for the foot and further stressing the plantar area. Make sure to get your feet and toes as well. It is extra helpful to warm up the foot/toes first thing in the morning before you place weight on your feet.

It is your friend after all! Stand on it, roll on it, play with it, and just use it!! You can also implore the use of a tennis or squash ball to get into some specific sites. It’s a great thing to get into the habit of doing while watching a movie or hanging out on the couch. Self-massage is a wonderful tool.

A bag of frozen peas or corn works great. One of my new favorite methods is tossing a plastic bottle of water into the freezer and then rolling it under the arch of the foot. Don’t be afraid to really put some weight into it, you will get good relief.

If your plantar fasciitis is not responding be sure to see your doctor. In some cases the use of orthotics can be a good aid or even a boot to sleep in.

Written by Jessie Jo Egersett
Massage Director, Seattle Athletic Club Downtown

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