Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Swimming is Fun for ALL Ages

Head down, back and forth, back and forth. Only the sound of your heart beating, only the black line to look at…swimming can be a lonely and grueling sport. Swimmers of all ages need to remember: FUN IS REQUIRED!

Whether you are a recreational lap swimmer, an adult training for a triathlon or a kid trying to improve your stokes for summer league make sure you incorporate some laughs and play time. Try these 5 tips to liven up a hard workout or bring back the inspiration in a worn out swimmer:

1) Swim with friends: The Seattle Athletic Club has some great programs to get you in the pool and keep you motivated with swimmers of all ages and abilities. For kids, try our Sunday pre-competition class or a set of swim lessons. For adults, we have many swim conditioning opportunities and triathlon training classes as well!
2) Change the scene: Seattle is a great place to swim outdoors in the summer. There are a few outdoor pools across the Puget Sound and of course there is always the lake! Don’t forget your wetsuit though!
3) Learn something new: Want to get a better workout but don’t know all 4 strokes? Struggle keeping up in swim classes because your flip-turns need work? Take a swim lesson. Lessons are available for adults, children and toddlers.
4) Play a game: If you are swimming with a friend and you want to get through a set of 15x100, play a game when you are on the wall resting. Name a professional baseball player who’s names start with A and go all the way to Z. Can you finish the game before all 15?
5) Take a break: Swimming should not be a chore. If you find yourself dreading coming to the pool to do your swim lesson or your workout and you’ve tried the other 4 suggestions you may want to take a break. Come back to it next week and try again!

Kudos to you for taking on swimming! Training in the pool is a great way to stay in shape and getting lessons for your kids is a great way to teach safety in a city on the water but make sure to HAVE FUN!

Written by Kim Harada
Swimming Instructor, Seattle Athletic Club Downtown

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