Friday, March 5, 2010

Becoming a Good Squash Player

To become a good squash player, having some speed, agility, and coordination is certainly a great place to start. After that, developing a simple repeatable swing that is powerful enough, consistent enough, and accurate enough to get the ball into the back corners from any of the other corners is the most important aspect of the game. Like tennis, length is the most important shot.

The second most important shot is volleying (hitting the ball before it bounces). The serve return often requires a volley, and it is invaluable in controlling the “T” and keeping the ball from dying in the back corners.

Other shots to learn are the drop (to attack the front corners), the lob (to get out of trouble and buy time to recover position), and the boast (hitting the side or back wall first). The boast is used both to attack the front corners and to retrieve a ball dying in the back corner.

Another big part of becoming a good squash player is learning the movement, footwork, and positioning. Getting to the ball quickly and efficiently, arriving in position to execute an effective shot, and recovering to the “T” before your opponent reaches the ball are critical factors in playing winning squash.

Lastly, use your head. It is not just important to hit a good shot, but to select the right shot.

Your local Squash Professional should be able to help you learn these skills and put you on the path to becoming a good (if not great) squash player.

Written by Bruce Vinsonhaler
Squash Pro, Seattle Athletic Club Northgate

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