Sunday, March 21, 2010

Prepare for Outdoor Activities Indoors!

As the weather begins to brighten up and the anticipation of spring and summer outdoor activities is upon us, get a head start on your fitness inside. By preparing your body for outdoor activities now, you will reap the benefits later. Imagine the first time you take a seat on your outdoor bike, or when you are gearing up for that first hike in the fresh air and your body is already conditioned and ready for the workout. Not only will you have a better workout, but you will have a safer workout. For example, many of our hard core, regular cyclists prepare for outdoor rides by attending any of our cycling classes here at Seattle Athletic Club. By maintaining condition throughout the winter months, the transition is much smoother.

Start by thinking about the activities you typically participate in when the weather is nice and sunny. For some of us, the activities include a broad range such as water skiing, sand volleyball, rollerblading or hiking to name a few. With such a range I recommend you attend classes that give you an all-over body workout to build strength and condition. These classes could include, but are not limited to, Sports Conditioning, Power Sculpt, BODYPUMP and Yoga. By training your entire body, you ensure your muscles have the strength and the balance to pursue these activities. Keep in mind when you initially participate in certain outdoor activities you may still use muscles that have not been trained inside and you should be prepared to feel some soreness. However, you will still be ahead of the game if you maintain your fitness indoors.

Whatever outdoor activity you decide to participate in, make this summer even better than last by preparing now!

Written by Anna Miller
Group Exercise Director, Seattle Athletic Club Downtown

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