Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Squash: Movement, Footwork, and Positioning

“Movement, Footwork, and Positioning” is an important chapter in the “Book of Squash”. Getting to the ball and recovering to the “T” in the most efficient and effective manner can well determine the outcome of a match. The prescribed method of movement on the court is up and down the middle sometimes referred to as the “red carpet”. Moving this way, you should arrive in good position to hit the ball and also be able to return to the “T” with the greatest ease. The most common error with beginners is to run directly to the ball. Once you learn to stay on the “red carpet”, you are on your way to becoming a better player. One more thing, arrive with your racquet up and ready to swing.

Written by Bruce Vinsonhaler
Squash Pro, Seattle Athletic Club Northgate
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